Tiny Device Allows You To Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone

Ronald T. Gandy

With Over 5 Million Units Sold Worldwide, This is The Most Affordable Solution to Find Your Lost Items!

Have you ever lost your car on a parking lot? It happens. You park and go shopping. When you get back, you don’t have a clue where your car is. Then you start roaming around clicking on the panic button on your car keys so the alarm goes off. It can be frustrating, especially on a hot, sunny day.

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Can you find your ancestors in Poland?

We thank Ernie Chorny for submitting the following article.

After World War II the Polish and Soviet governments put in place a policy to relocate Poles from Western Ukraine to Poland and simultaneously relocate Ukrainians from Polish territory to Ukraine.

Since theoretically there would not be any Poles in Ukraine it was decided to also move the Roman Catholic church records to Poland. While the church records listed marriage, birth and death information for Roman Catholics, they also included information on Greek Catholics where intermarriage had occurred between people of these two faiths. Thus in the case of a Greek Catholic Ukrainian man marrying a Roman Catholic woman, the marriage would be recorded in the Roman Catholic books. Conversely if a Roman Catholic man married a Greek Catholic woman, the record would be in the Greek Catholic books. No doubt there were exceptions to these rules. Continue reading

The Top Five Online Scams and How to Avoid Them

Online Scams
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We’ve all come across content that seems to good to be true in our Web surfing travels. How can you be sure what you’re looking at is the real deal? If you’re concerned about your safety on the Web (and who isn’t), then you’ll want to learn how to spot the fakes, the phonies, and the downright silly before you get Continue reading

22 Ways to Adjust Privacy Settings In Facebook

Keep Facebook Safe By Changing Your Privacy Settings

Teenage girls using laptop outdoors
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Uncovered for you are 22 privacy settings you can change to keep your private information safe when networking on Facebook. When you join a site like Facebook you take the chance of letting your private information run wild. By adjusting your privacy settings you’ll find that the Internet can be a safe, and very fun, place. Continue reading

How to Block Searches Of Your Facebook Profile

Limit Facebook searches of your personal information

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the Web today, with literally hundreds of millions of users. People from all over the world use Facebook to reconnect with friends and find new ones. However, many people are (understandably) concerned about their private information, such as addresses,phone numbers, family photos, and workplace info, being made available to anyone who clicks on their Facebook user profile. Continue reading

Can You Stalk-proof Your Facebook Profile?

Ok, maybe not stalk-proof, but at least stalker-resistant

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We’ve all done it. We’ve all tried to look up someone we’re not friends with on Facebook to see what kind of information we can learn about them. There are, however, people out there that do this a lot and have intentions that go beyond curiosity and enter the dark area of obsession. Continue reading

Facing Trump-Putin axis, Ukraine turns to a white knight — Chrystia Freeland

Cabinet Shuffle 20170110

Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s new foreign affairs minister is descendant of Ukrainians and fierce critic of Vladimir Putin’s wars

Seen from Ukraine, the news from North America at the beginning of the year was promising.

Chrystia Freeland was sworn in as Canada’s new minister of foreign affairs on Jan. 10.

She is the proud descendant of Ukrainians and a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s wars in Ukraine and his annexation of Crimea in 2014. She has written of his “revanchist policy” and called his characterization of Ukrainians as dupes of NATO, even neo-Nazis, “his most dramatic resort to the Soviet tactic of the Big Lie.” Continue reading

Woman Gives Birth to her Own Grandson

I want to see the pedigree chart on this family!

A California woman was told that she couldn’t have children. A few years later, her mother delivered the younger woman’s first child, conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the younger woman’s husband and eggs removed from the younger woman’s body.

According to the grandmother, “The attachment for me was not an issue as people have predicted, because in my mind it was biologically their baby,” she said. “I was just a deluxe Easy-Bake Oven.”

You can read the full story at https://goo.gl/wWkiGP.

This reminds me of the song, I’m My Own Grandpa that has been recorded by a number of artists. Ray Stevens’ version is available in a YouTube video at: https://youtu.be/eYlJH81dSiw

Now, many many years ago
When I was twenty three
I was married to a widow
Who was pretty as could be Continue reading

Inside The Ukrainian ‘Hacktivist’ Network Cyberbattling The Kremlin

November 02, 2016

Christopher Miller

KYIV — Dressed in a black sweater and equally nondescript turtleneck, with wisps of raven hair corkscrewing from under a black baseball cap, the lanky Ukrainian introduces himself in accented English as “Sean.” Sean Townsend is his chosen pseudonym on Facebook, complemented by images of the notorious Guy Fawkes mask of hacker group Anonymous and the Ukrainian coat of arms. Before Sean, he was “Ross Hatefield,” until the world’s leading social network banned that account for impersonation.

In hacker circles, he is better known as RUH8 — pronounced “roo-hate” to express his aversion to all things Russian. RUH8 agreed to speak with RFE/RL on condition that we avoid publishing his real name, which he only uses with friends unaware of what he does outside his day job as a Kyiv-based security researcher. He provided details of the cyberwar that has been raging — parallel to the shooting war between Ukraine and Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine over the past 30 months — between the respective sides’ patriotic hackers using digital subterfuge. Continue reading


Have you ever wondered about the origin of the following words: Slave, Serf, Slav, Polak, bohunk, honky and bugger? The following article will give you the answer.

By Thomas M. Prymak
University of Toronto

During the 1960s, when I was a young undergraduate student in history at St Paul’s College, a Jesuit school at the University of Manitoba in western Canada, I took a seminar course in the history of the Crusades in which I had been interested since my youth, when I had read Sir Walter Scott, Harold Lamb, and other authors, who had painted these medieval events in such exciting colours: “Iron men and saints, off to liberate Jerusalem! Richard the Lionheart, brave to the point of foolishness; the victorious Sultan Saladin, noble, and generous to the vanquished!” However, my instructor in this course, Professor L. A. Desmond, who quickly became aware of my east European background, did not assign to me a topic on the Crusades to the Holy Land, as I had expected, but rather on “the Crusade against the Slavs” in the mid-twelfth century, a topic in which he thought I might be interested because of my ethnic background. Continue reading