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Secret ancestral codes: 12 main symbols in Ukrainian embroidery

 From Euromaidan

Treti Pivni Master Workshop

Treti Pivni Master Workshop 

2016/05/19 • CULTURE, UKRAINE

How very colourful and varied the contemporary vyshyvanka! It can be one colour or many-coloured, richly or delicately patterned, embroidered with flowers or geometric forms… But, do we actually know what these intricate patterns adorning our clothes mean, how ancient their origins are, what they symbolize and why they are the way they are?

What are those mysterious sacred geometrical designs hidden in our grandmother’s treasure chest? They are not just circles, lozenges, branches and spirals. These figures were created centuries ago and represent many unique symbols. This was at a time when our ancestors had a close magical connection with the world of Nature: plants, animals, fields and heavenly bodies. They drew their destiny using symbols of the Sun, Earth,Universe and Family, reproducing them on fabrics, creating mysterious ancestral symbols as amulets, as a kind of family code. Continue reading

Your Favorite Bohemian Garb Is Actually Traditional Ukrainian Costume



Photo: Courtesy of VitaKin Kilimi

Ukraine has been in the forefront of international thought a lot recently (and not for particularly pleasant reasons), but its reach has extended far beyond the front page—whether you were aware or not, the Ukrainian influence has fully arrived in our closets. Think that groovy boho embroidered peasant blouse was nationless? Think again. Whether it’s festival girl du jour Alexa Chung, wearing Continue reading