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Video: Who Do They Think They Are?

 A Lighthearted Look at Today’s Genealogy Searches

A hilarious Aussie spoof of Who Do You Think You Are? has become popular on YouTube. Created by The Checkout, an Australian television program, Who Do They Think They Are? pokes fun at the Who Do You Think You Are?television program, at, the Mormon Church, DNA, and even a quick jab at trying to find genealogy information on Google. It also delivers a serious message about the proper methods of searching one’s family tree.

Genealogy always has been a process of gathering information wherever you may find it and then independently verifying each piece of information to make sure it is accurate and is about the person you think it is. Research and independent verification has been a requirement of genealogy research for more than 100 years and hasn’t changed with the introduction of the Internet.

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Finding Your Roots Show

British roots was the theme for last night’s “Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.” That includes roots from all over the British Empire: As it revealed the family histories of guests Deepak Chopra, Sally Field and Sting, the show touched on research in England, Ireland, Canada, India, the American colonies and Australia.

“Finding Your Roots” Focuses on Ancestry in the British Empire
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  • Deepak Chopra: This alternative medicine guru and author came to America in 1970, where he eventually became chief of Continue reading

Family Tree: New HBO Show Debuts May 12th

Set your VCR or video disk recorder! The new “Family Tree” television show will appear on HBO with the first episode to be aired on May 12th. Seven more episodes will follow.Here is a trailer about the show:

Family Tree – Trailer

Here is the press release: