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DNA, Genealogy And The Search For Who We Are


DNA is separate from family history, says Alva Noe.


Consider these facts, culled from writings here:

  • You share no DNA with the vast majority of your ancestors.
  • You have more ancestors — hundreds a few generations back, thousands in just a millennium — than you have sections of DNA.
  • You have 64 great-great-great-great-grandparents — but if you are a man, you share your Y-chromosome with only one of them.
  • The amount of DNA you pass on to your descendants roughly halves with each generation. It is a matter of chance which of your descendants actually carry any of your DNA.

And then, there’s this tidbit, courtesy of Mark G. Thomas and his friends at University College London: It can be demonstrated that 5,000 years ago Continue reading

DNA solves mysteries of ancient Ireland/Ukraine Connection

December 30, 2015 · 5:00 PM EST
By Christopher Woolf (follow)

The Poulnabrone dolmen (Poll na mBrón in Irish) is a portal tomb in County Clare, Ireland, dating back to the Neolithic period, probably built 5-6000 years ago.

Let’s call her ‘Maria.’

This story is based on a radio interview. Listen to the full interview.

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She’s a brown-eyed, brown-haired woman, with a face that would be right at home in the Medi terranean or the Middle East.

And she’s Irish.

She lived about 5200 years ago, and was buried near a stone monument and an ancient ring-shaped earthwork, in Ballynahatty, near Belfast. It was her people who built nearly all those megalithic tombs, monuments and stone circles, that you see in advertisements from the Irish tourism industry. Continue reading

23andMe Changes Terms Again (and Not for the Better)

The genetic testing company 23andMe is at it again. First they got slapped hard by the US Food and Drug Administration for trying to sell unauthorized medical tests. Then after several months they finally got this sorted out just last month and received the proper approvals from the USFDA.

Now they have changed their terms eliminating some aspects that were very important to genealogists. And did we mention, they just doubled their prices in the US from $99 to $199? Judy Russell at the blog Legal Genealogist does a good job of describing the situation. [23andMe Changes Terms]

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There are hundreds of blogs dealing with Genetic Genealogy and developing a clear picture from reading the innumerable articles can be rather daunting. This page from the blog “Wheaton Surname Resources” contains sixteen well written and simple to understand lessons to get you started on this new quest. The lessons are found at the bottom of the page.

Introduction to Genetic Genealogy: Dead People Can Talk After All

Note: the best way to absorb these lessons is to read them one at a time and follow the suggested links–not only will this help with “beginner’s head spinning syndrome”– it will allow you to absorb the material more fully. If you are an advanced beginner or intermediate you might find the terminology and background in Lesson 5 invaluable no matter which lessons are of interest. Also have a look at Lesson 11 which has a list of resources to help you including a new “Cheat Sheet File” category. If you really

The Juggler’s Children

TUGG participant, Jason Crowtz, forwarded this announcement which should interest those contemplating doing a DNA roots search. “The author of The Juggler’s Children, a book about a Toronto writer’s search for her roots using genealogy and DNA, is speaking at the Revue Cinema this Wednesday June 12 at 7 p.m. The Revue Cinema is located at 400 Roncesvalles Ave. in Toronto.
Seeing as the talk will go into detail about using DNA research in genealogical inquires, it could be of interest to the TUGG membership. Details below…,-june-12,-7-pm

Meet The Juggler’s Children Author: Wednesday, June 12, 7 p.m.

Interested in genealogy? Don’t miss this event. Continue reading