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How to Search Within a Web Address

how to search within a web address

What is a Web address? What is a URL?

Before jumping right into how to search within a Web address, it’s probably best to understand what a Web address, also known as a URL, really is.  URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator”, and is the address of a resource, file, site, service, etc. on the Internet. For example, the URL of this page that you’re looking at right now is located in the address bar at the top of your browser and should include “” as the first part of it.

 Each website has its own unique Web address assigned to it.

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How to Properly Scan Your Computer for Malware

Rid Your Computer of Trojans, Viruses, Spyware & More

Photo of a virus indication key on a red computer keyboard
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Completely and correctly scanning your computer viruses and other malware like Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, adware, worms, etc. is often a very important troubleshooting step. A “simple” virus scan will no longer do.

Many forms of malware cause or masquerade as seemingly unrelated Windows and PC issues like Blue Screens of Death, issues with DLL files, and other serious Windows problems so it’s important to properly check your computer for malware when working to solve many problems.

Note: See my Free Bootable Antivirus Programs list if you need to scan for viruses but don’t have access to Windows right now. More serious viruses can prevent youroperating system from starting in the first place and so you’ll have to use one of those tools instead. Continue reading

Scan and Annotate with the new Evernote for Android


evernoteI consider Evernote to be one of the most essential tools for genealogists as well as for almost everyone else who owns a computer. See my past articles about Evernote. The more I use it, the more valuable Evernote becomes. I now have more than 4,000 notes in Evernote covering a wide variety of genealogy and non-genealogy topics alike. I love having everything at my fingertips on my cell phone, tablet, and desktop computers. I refer to Evernote many times every day. It is the equivalent of having a filing cabinet with me at all times.

One thing disturbs me, however. Evernote produced a wonderful app called Scannable for Apple iOSthat allows the Evernote user to capture paper documents quickly and to easily transform that paper into high-quality scans ready to save or share. Continue reading

What Ancestry’s Retirement of Family Tree Maker Software Means for You

by Lisa Louise Cooke

Ancestry announced they will stop selling Family Tree Maker on Dec. 31, 2015. This is startling and disruptive news for the many users of one of the world’s leading genealogy database software programs.

After receiving the news earlier that day from Ancestry’s Public Relations Manager, I went to work on this article for you: What Ancestry’s Retirement of Family Tree Maker Software Means for YouWhether you user Family Tree Maker, another software program, or a website to store your family tree data, this is important information for you.  Continue reading

Add a Printer to your Android Device, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Chromebook, Windows or Macintosh Computer

Google Cloud Print is a great service that allows you to connect printers (anywhere in the world) to Android and Apple mobile devices as well as to Chromebook and traditional Windows and Macintosh computers. Several of these devices can even share one printer. I often see things on the screen of my cell phone or tablet computer or Chromebook that I would like to print. However, you cannot simply plug a printer into those devices. Google Cloud Print solves the problem.

Google Cloud Print

When traveling with a Windows, Macintosh, or Chromebook laptop computer, I normally do not carry a printer with me. How can I print something? Most hotels offer business centers that have printers available, and I do use those often. However, when at a coffee shop or a restaurant or even on an airplane, I don’t have access to a local printer. Instead, I occasionally want to print Continue reading

GEDCOM File Finder

Announcing GEDCOM File Finder

Louis Kessler writes:


There is a new freeware program called “GEDCOM File Finder.” You can find it at:

It’s a nice little program that does just one thing: It finds and classifies all the Continue reading

Transfering Your Data from PAF and Other Programs to a New Program

A newsletter reader obviously read the recent article of Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Is Discontinued at and was worried about transferring her data to a new program. She wrote:

Do any of the new programs allow me to transfer my data direct from PAF or do I have to type all the data I already have to a new program?

I thought I would answer here in the newsletter in case anyone else has the same question.

In short, you do not have to re-type all your data on the keyboard. All of today’s Continue reading