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Rising Stars of 2015: Ukrainian Chef Olia Hercules

Olia Hercules

When Olia Hercules went to work on her first cookbook, a joyful celebration of eastern European cooking called Mamushka, she didn’t have to travel far researching it. “I went home and spent a month running after my mum and my aunt with measuring spoons and a scales,” she says, laughing. “I was like, all the recipes you’ve been cooking your entire life, hand them over.” Continue reading

A Foodie’s Guide to Salo

A foodie’s guide to salo: the Ukrainian delicacy made of cured pork fat

Lard may be staging a gastronomic comeback around the world but it never went out of fashion in Ukraine, where it is best served cold

The love of lard, otherwise known as the secret to a Ukrainian’s heart. Photograph: Katrina Kollegaeva/Russian Revels


At first glance it could be a hard sheep’s cheese or a smoky mozzarella. But the slabs are actually cold, white pork fat – Ukraine’s national dish, known as salo. It is best served covered with garlic, onion and pickles (or something picante), and almost always washed down with a shot of vodka. Continue reading