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The Myths of St. Patrick’s Day

Many people of Irish ancestry love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. After all, it is a great way to celebrate one’s Irish heritage. However, some of the celebrations are a bit questionable. In fact, many of the commonly-held beliefs about St. Patrick are wrong. Before making plans, you might want to consider a few facts:


St. Patrick wasn’t Irish

Patrick was probably born in what is now England, Scotland or Wales around A.D. 390. Different historians have different beliefs about his place of birth. Continue reading

Taras Polataiko on Conflict and Art in Eastern Ukraine

BY David Balzer


Artist Taras Polataiko.

What happens to art-making and cultural communities in times of war? Lethbridge-based artist Taras Polataiko is currently in Ukraine, where he is curating an exhibition for the National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kyiv. Polataiko’s “War. 11 Portraits,” now showing at the Ukrainian Embassy in Ottawa, is an installation for which he photographed soldiers at Kyiv’s Central Ukrainian Military Hospital and interviewed them about their experiences. It will subsequently show at the National Museum in Lviv, Ukraine, and at Barbara Edwards Contemporary in Calgary in May. Continue reading

General Research Toolbox—Introduction

Starting With Yourself Write down what you already know about your family and yourself. Fill in a pedigree chart, starting with yourself. You should gather all your Vital Records (birth, marriage, civil and church records). Then write down everything you know about your family and put it on Pedigree and Family Group charts. Other online pedigree charts are found here. Continue reading

Moscow Bookstore Oozes with Kremlin Propaganda

By Hannah Thoburn on 25 February 2015


The titles on the shelves are nothing short of sensational: The End of Project “Ukraine, Kyiv Kaput, World Wars and World Elites, The Defense of Donbas. They all sit prominently displayed in the politics section of Biblio-Globus, a sprawling bookstore just a stone’s throw from the infamous Lubyanka Prison, in central Moscow. Continue reading