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Dacuda PocketScan – The World’s Smallest Scanner

This seems to be the week for articles about scanners. One new device has been announced but is not yet in production: Dacuda PocketScan. It claims to be the world’s smallest scanner. It is about the size of a stapler. It is so small that it cannot scan an entire page or even a photograph all at once. Instead, the user moves the handheld scanner over the item to be digitized and the PocketScan software automatically stitches the scans together into one image. It will work wirelessly with iPad, Macintosh, Windows, and soon should also work with Android devices.

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The Munk Debates—The West vs. Russia

This 90 minute livestream debate pitted: Stephen F. Cohen, Vladimir Pozner who supported engaging Russia in talks vs. Anne Applebaum and Gary Kasparov who supported isolating Putin and his cronies.

How should the West deal with Putin’s Russia? For the U.S. and some European powers the answer is obvious: isolate Russia with punishing economic sanctions, remove it from global institutions such as the G8, and arm the nations directly threatened by Putin. In short, return to the Cold War doctrine that froze Soviet aggression in Europe and helped bring about the collapse of communist Russia. Others argue that such a policy is a dead-end. Putin’s Russia has legitimate grievances against Western and NATO powers meddling in its sphere of influence. Instead of further antagonizing Putin and risking a dangerous escalation of the current conflict, the U.S. and Europe should seek common cause with Russia to address shared threats, from the Middle East to Asia to combatting terrorism.

– See more at: http://munkdebates.com  Click on The Debates then click on Livestream (at the top)
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There is a bit of an advertising lead in. The debate is 90 very well-worth minutes.

Mother Gave Birth to her Own Brother and Sister

OK, this gets confusing. Pay attention.

Ellen Bown, a woman from England, gave birth to all three of the children in the picture below. But only one, Maddy, is her ‘official’ child.

mother gave birth

This graphic explains the complicated biological and adoptive relationships that are present in Ellen Brown’s (far right) family. Continue reading