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Fifth myth of Krymnashism – Ukrainian statehood is ‘artificial’ – demolished by Popov

A Crimean Tatar woman holds a sign "Crimea Is Ukraine" in protest to the "referendum" imposed by force by Moscow in March 2014.A Crimean Tatar woman holds a sign “Crimea Is Ukraine” in protest to the “referendum” imposed by force by Moscow in March 2014. 

The Kremlin’s insistence that it has the right to take pieces of Ukraine because “Ukraine has no territorial integrity because it is not a real state” is the fifth myth of “Krymnashism,” one that has deep roots but that is even more absurd than the others, according to Moscow historian Arkady Popov.

As he has done with the first four of the eight “KrymNash” myths, Popov demolishesthis one in “Yezhednevny zhurnal.Continue reading

Russia on the brink

20.08.2015 | 08:50

Roman Rukomeda

Russia has come close the important crossroads in history: the way it is going to move on will determine its fate in the coming decades. Russian political elite and those of the few Russian citizens, whose minds were not burned out by propaganda napalm, perceive the forthcoming resolution of the story quite differently.

For example, Russian President Vladimir Putin proves his behavior linear during his visit to the annexed Crimea by saying that the subject on Crimea is closed forever. Putin’s finale will be staged either in the Hague Tribunal, or in the Kremlin where he will fall victim to the “palace coup,” or elsewhere – due to health-related early retirement. Both Russia and its top authorities have little time left. Continue reading

Bringing the trolls out of the dark: Russian ‘troll’ awarded 1 rouble damages

Bringing the trolls out of the dark: Russian ‘troll’ awarded 1 rouble damages

A Russian court has awarded a former employee of an alleged ‘pro-Putin propaganda factory’ symbolic damages of one rouble (approx 14 euros cents) after she sued her former employer in an attempt to expose them.

Freelance journalist Lyudmila Samchuk, (34), went undercover at the secretive Agency for Internet Studies earlier this year but, according to AFP news agency, was sacked after she published stories under a pseudonym. She sued the company for non-payment of wages and failure to give workers proper contracts. Continue reading

Zhukovsky: $25 a Barrel of Oil, $1=125 Rubles and 30% Inflation in Russia by 2016

Russian economist Vladislav Zhukovsky says this situation is made worse by the fact that many at the top of the Russian economic pyramid are behaving as they did in 1998, betting on an ever weaker ruble by buying hard currency and then planning to get back into the Russian market later at fire sale prices and thus improving their position but not the country’s.

By Paul Goble* for “Window on Eurasia”:

August 14 – Vladislav Zhukovsky, an economist known for predicting disasters in the Russian economy and for then turning out to be right, says that the situation is more dire than almost anyone imagines because oil is heading to 25 US dollars a barrel, the ruble to 125 to the US dollar, and inflation to 30 percent. Continue reading

Ash: “Russian Recession Finds No Bottom as Economic Skid Picks Up Pace”

2015/8/11 13:49:08

Nomura’s Timothy Ash says: “…there is still no evidence of fundamental structural reform and a willingness to address the problems which are well known to domestic and foreign policy elites. Arguably this is because the kinds of reforms that Russia needs would undermine Putin’s power vertical/sovereign democratic model which is the cornerstone of his power in office. Simply put a new development model is not saleable to the man at the top. And, until we see change – e.g. in oil prices, an easing off of the stand-off with the West over Ukraine (unlikely at this point) or real and substantive reform in Russia, then Russia will remain in terminal decline, and Russian markets will have a weakening bias – with the ruble likely in the front line therein.”

LONDON, Aug 11, 2015 (UBO) – The noted international economist Timothy Ash of Nomura International at 10:59 today issued an analysis of Russia’s outlook for the future that raises serious questions for the future that says in part: “Suffice to say dreadful numbers out of Russia – and little sign of any recovery any time soon.”  Continue reading

Paul Niland: ​EuroMaidan Revolution, myth and reality (part two of a three-part series)

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Aug. 6, 2015, 11:35 a.m. | Op-ed — by Paul Niland

A crowd of thousands march towards the main residence of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in the outskirts of Kiev, on February 22, 2014. Earlier in the day, Ukraine’s parliament voted to hold early presidential elections on May 25, passing a resolution stating that Viktor Yanukovych had failed to properly fulfil his duties as president. AFP PHOTO/GENYA SAVILOV

Paul Niland

Paul Niland is a longtime Kyiv resident and Founder of Statement Email Ltd.

The violent protests that took place in Kyiv that resulted in a democratically elected president fleeing from his country fearing for his life were a U.S. instigated coup, a regime change costing $5 billion.

Continue reading