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In Memory of Orest Subtelny, historian of the Ukrainian state


Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

The historian Orest Subtelny gave us Ukraine. Not the one that was. But the one that will be. Actually he did what Mykhailo Hrushetsky did for his generation.

For most young people today, the figure of Orest Subtelny is naturally placed among other prominent Ukrainian historians who studied the past of our country.

The history of Ukraine has been written both before and after Subtelny. Why is it that he and his work, Ukraine: A History, created such a stir among his Continue reading

Kremlin trolls are engaged in massive anti-Ukrainian propaganda in Poland

Euromaidan Press

Russian internet trollsRussian internet trolls 

Article by: Yuriy Savytskyi

Warsaw — Kremlin “trolls” have launched a massive campaign to discredit Ukraine and Ukrainians in the Polish Internet space. Polish analysts note that an unprecedented wave of anti-Ukrainian propaganda on the Web first appeared in 2013, shortly after the Maidan protests began in Kyiv. In order to convince the Poles that Ukrainians are their bitter enemies, the Internet trolls are repeating the views of the current Kremlin authorities hundreds of thousands of times.

Mateusz Bajek, editor of the Polish portal, has an atypical hobby. He hunts Russian Internet trolls, who, for the past two years, have become extremely active on the Polish web and online networks. Bajek believes that one of the most striking examples of the Kremlin’s trolling in Poland is the Internet forum of the Russian-Polish Radio Sputnik Polska, where Kremlin trolls began to appear massively in late autumn of 2013. Continue reading

Explain this – deceased husband serves as informant on his wife’s death certificate

From MILLENIA Legacy News

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I’ve heard of people coming back to life, but that was more than 2,000 years ago. Yet according to Adelaide Brown’s death certificate, her husband, who had been deceased for more than two years, was listed as the informant.

Leonard, Adelaide - 1916 death certificate

In two places it clearly states that Adelaide was a widow at the time of her death:

Field 5:


Field 8:


Yet field 14 clearly shows the name of the informant AND has the informant’s relationship to the decedent:


How could Adelaide’s deceased husband be the informant on her death certificate? Below are a few ideas I had, but if you have any other ideas, please let me know in the comments.

Could her husband, Charles Frederick Brown, have been alive at the time of her death? Yes, and I should follow up on this to have more convincing evidence of it. He was last known to be alive in 1910 as he was living in Philadelphia in this Continue reading

Lists of NKVD victims killed in mass executions in 1941 published online  



Lviv prisoners who were killed by the NKVD before it retreated from the town, July 1941. Photo: prisoners who were killed by the NKVD before it retreated from the town, July 1941. Photo: 75 years ago, during June – July 1941, the Soviet NKVD shot around 24 thousand prisoners in western Ukraine. Now the names of many of these victims are made known thanks to documents published the Electronic Archive of the Ukrainian liberation movement.

Immediately after Nazi Germany attacked the USSR, the Soviet NKVD began shooting prisoners who were sentenced to death. Plans were made to evacuate the rest to rear, and to free those who were arrested for minor crimes. Continue reading