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Missing Records During Napoleonic Period

What follows is from the September 2016 Issue of “The Galitzianer,” Journal of Gesher Galicia / 

Research Corner
by Tony Kahane, Chair and Research Coordinator

IN THIS ISSUE, we examine two topics of ge-nealogical interest. In the first part, we return to the subject of missing records from eastern Galicia—in this instance, from the Napoleonic period. In the second part, we consider the poten-tial of old newspapers for family history research and discuss a particular Galician Hebrew-language periodical from the late 19th century.

The Russian Empire and Tarnopol District

An instance where vital records from Galicia are still missing is from the period 1809–1815. Elsewhere in this issue (p. 18), Andrew Zalewski describes the turmoil Continue reading