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To obtain information about…

First look for:

Then look for:


Census, Vital Records, Church Records Cemeteries, Emigration and Immigration, Naturalization, 1940 National Registration, School Records, Military Records, Passenger Lists

Birth date

Vital Records, Church Records, Bible Records Cemeteries, Obituaries, Naturalization, Newspapers, Census

City or parish of foreign birth

Vital Records, Church Records, Genealogy, Biography, Naturalization and Citizenship Gazetteers, Obituaries, History, Emigration and Immigration, 1940 National Registration

Country of foreign birth

Vital Records, Cemeteries, Probate Records, Church Records, Obituaries Passenger Lists, 1940 National Registration, Military Records, Vital Records, Newspapers, History Atlases, Obituaries

County origins and boundaries

History, Maps Gazetteers, History Atlases


Vital Records, Cemeteries, Probate Records, Church Records, Obituaries Newspapers, Bible Records, Military Records


Court Records, Vital Records



Passenger Lists, 1940 National Registration Church Records, Emigration and Immigration, Passenger Lists, Naturalization and Citizenship

Historical background

History, Periodicals Minorities

Immigration date

Emigration and Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship, 1940 National Registration, Genealogy Census, Newspapers, Biography

Living relatives (and adoptions)

Genealogy, Directories, Court Records, Obituaries Census, Biography, Societies, Church Records, Probate Records

Maiden name

Vital Records, 1940 National Registration, Church Records, Newspapers, Bible Records Cemeteries, Military Records, Probate Records, Obituaries


Vital Records, Church Records, Census, Newspapers, Bible Records Cemeteries, Military Records, Probate Records, Naturalization and Citizenship, Land and Property


Census, Directories, 1940 National Registration, Emigration and Immigration Newspapers, Court Records

Parents, children, and other family members

Vital Records, Church Records, Census, 1940 National Registration, Probate Records, Obituaries Bible Records, Newspapers, Emigration and Immigration

Physical description

Military Records, Biography, Passenger Lists Naturalization and Citizenship, Vital Records, Emigration and Immigration, 1940 National Registration, Genealogy

Place-finding aids

Gazetteers, Maps History, Periodicals

Place (town) of residence when you know only the Oblast

Genealogy, Military Records, 1940 National Registration, Vital Records, Passenger Lists Biography, Probate Records, History

Places family has lived

Census, Land and Property, City Directories, Phone Books, History Employment Records, Taxation, Obituaries

Previous research (compiled genealogy)

Genealogy, Periodicals, Societies History, Biography

Record-finding aids

Archives and Libraries, Societies Periodicals


Church Records, History, 1940 National Registration, Biography, Passenger Lists Bible Records, Cemeteries, Genealogy

Social activities

History, Biography, Newspapers, Societies Town Records, Court Records, Cemeteries, Directories, Obituaries

This article originally appeared in the September/October 1999 issue of Family Chronicle and has been adapted for doing Ukrainian searches.


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