Below are some general questions to consider in your genealogical search. They are by no means complete but can give you some additional places for you to search.

  • Have I gathered clues & records at home from Scrapbooks, photo albums, diaries, letters, journals, account ledgers, family Bibles, school yearbooks and other personal family items?
  • Have I found where all the photographs and documents are located and have I made copies of the important ones? Have I called my relatives to see what pictures they are willing to share?
  • Have I interviewed my living relatives for information and stories?
  • Am I filling in my family tree on a pedigree chart? Am I using forms and charts to help organize my work?
  • Do I have a filing system and do I have a good genealogy software program to help organize my information?
  • Have I searched the Internet search engines for my family names?
  • Have I searched the records of “Ancestry World Tree”, “Rootsweb World Connect”, “’s Online Family Tree”, to see if my family names appear?
  • Am I using the various Message Boards in my search? Ukraine Genealogy Forum
  • Am I composing queries & messages to these message Boards
  • Am I familiarizing myself with the various library and archive resources there are around Toronto and in other locations and Online?
  • Am I using the LDS Family History Centers in my search? Have I searched their parish records for Birth, Marriage and Death records?
  • Have I searched the Gazetteers for my ancestor’s villages/towns?
  • With regard to growing up over there: Is there a history of the village? How large was it? Are there descriptions of what it was like to have lived there at that time? Were there other relatives? Are there any now? Are any relatives still alive who can describe what it was like, at the time?


  • What did the newspapers report on what was happening around the world and in their country on the day they were born? What was happening here, in Canada? What do the History books offer? Why did they leave?
  • With regard to the trip over: How long did it take? What was the route? Were there lay-overs? Are weather records available of what was happening during the voyage? When leaving? When arriving? Are there descriptions of the trip over?
  • What did the newspapers report what was happening in the World and their country, when they left and when they arrived? What were they facing when they arrived? What was happening in Canada?
  • Have I searched the Passenger lists records on their trip over? Do I have a picture of the boat?
  • Have I searched the Census Records here and over there?
  • Have I searched the Land Records of my ancestors?
  • Have I searched the City Directories where they lived in Canada?
  • Have I searched the Death records and Cemetery Records where they died?
  • Are there Military Records of my ancestors?
  • Have I checked their Naturalization Records and the National Registration Records for 1940?
  • What about Probate & Wills records?


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