Ancestors’ Routes

By Ron Wencer

Presented at the May 15, TUGG Meeting

Selected Bibliography: Canada-Specific

Library and Archives Canada (website)

Various Collections, especially those on the subject of Immigration, indexed at

but especially immigration-related  images and documents from the MIKAN fond, viewable at

More immigrant train information and images are viewable at

Pigott, Peter, Sailing the Seven Seas, a History of the Canadian Pacific Line (Google Books)

some coverage about CP’s use of ports before World War I

Canadian Pacific (website)

A selection of interesting photographs of immigrants who traveled via CP

Globe and Mail (website article)

about CP steamship Keewatin, once use to ferry immigrants from Georgian Bay to Lake Superior

University of Waterloo, Immigrants to Canada, Continental European Immigrants (website)

Selected Bibliography: Canada-Specific continued

St. Clements Heritage (website)

Historical site with articles of interest, such as

The story of the Department of Immigration’s struggle to convert the abandoned East Selkirk CP roundhouse into a workable Immigration Hall; worth reading to any Canadian of descended from First-Wave immigrants

A broader view of the roundhouse’s history

Selected Bibliography: Remainder of the Americas

University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, Ukrainians (web article)

Brief overview of Ukrainian immigration, with useful links and references

U.S. website, but article authored by a Canadian, and primarily focuses on Ukrainian immigration to Canada

Maryland Historical Society (website)

Useful information and images about the immigration experience at Baltimore, the 3rd largest immigration port in the United States

Museum of Immigration of the State of Saõ Paulo (Google-translated website)

Links to various items related to immigration, including selected Passenger Lists 1885-1948 (searchable)

Selected Bibliography: Remainder of the Americas continued

Ukrainian National Association (UNA), СВОБОДА (Svoboda) Archives (online image database)

text-searchable in Cyrillic by year

Svoboda was published weekly during the First-Wave years; still in publication

most subscribers U.S. immigrants, but some were Canadian immigrants

contents include news articles, op-ed pieces, advertising, comics (!), reports from member branches,

lists of donors to charitable drives, people looking for relatives, etc.

Wikipedia  /  Wikimedia Commons

Ukrainian Argentine

Immigration to Brazil

Selected Bibliography: Europe / Transatlantic Crossing / Miscellaneous

Blanck, Maggie, Emigration / Immigration (website)

an extensive personal site that deals with many, many aspects of the entire topic; filled with interesting published images

Center for Urban History of East Central Europe (website)

A cultural website, primarily focused on Lviv

Viewable in English, Ukrainian, Polish, and Russia

Map collection and Urban Image Database offer especially good resources

Selected Bibliography: Europe / Transatlantic Crossing / Miscellaneous continued

The Gjenvick-Gjønvick Archives (website)

a “collection of Social and Cultural historical documents” with much useful data, especially images; collection of material re transatlantic immigration is quite strong

Norway-Heritage – Hands Across the Sea (website)

A wonderful, well-organized set or resources about emigration from Europe, with good, accessible information about ports, shipping lines, vessels, etc.

Caveat: although it contains much more than you might expect, its focus on emigration from Scandinavia means that it does not necessarily contain complete information for all our purposes

Clapp, Edwin J., The Port of Hamburg in 1910 (Google Books)

information on various things, including emigrants heading to South America

Wikipedia  /  Wikimedia Commons

Augustów Canal (a World Heritage site)

article gives insight into the 19th century value of canals to the great Empires

Gűter – und Personenwagen der MKB

Description, drawings, and photographs of 1890s Prussian mixed freight and 3rd / 4th class passenger railway carriages (text in German)

Selected Bibliography: Europe / Transatlantic Crossing / Miscellaneous continued

Nock, O.S., World Atlas of Railways (book)

not as useful for the First-Wave era as it might be, but still has some things of interest

The Ultimate Resource About the Red Star Line (website)

repository of information about a shipper that brought a large number of Galicians and other Eastern Europeans to Canada, the U.S., and South America

Gartz, Linda, Family Archaeologist (blog)

A nicely presented series of articles about the author’s ancestors, supplemented with a number of great images, and including some anecdotes and narratives of universal interest

The Ships List (website)

various pages, including

A good supplementary source of images and information about vessels, ports, and shipping lines

A nice outline of issues which relate to Canadian (and some American) immigrant records

Rijeka Municipal Museum, Merika  (website exhibit)

material re Agents, immigrant rail travel to seaports

Note: Rijeka, a major Adriatic port in Croatia, was formerly called Fiume by Italian and Hungarian administrators

Krenzelok, Greg, The Steerage Experience (online posting)

Posting to RootsWeb; includes the body of 1911 U.S. Government Immigration Commission report into conditions on board immigrant ships

Selected Bibliography: Europe / Transatlantic Crossing / Miscellaneous continued

AKPool, Old Picture Postcards (website)
English-language  site of a German dealer in old postcards; many, many ship and related images

Among the best of several such sites

Site contents vary with inventory, but offer excellent chance of seeing an ancestor’s immigrant ship

Ships Worldwide (website)

Hamburg Sued (Hamburg – South America Line ) page of a website that offers a wealth of information about shipping lines, past and present

The Polish Genealogy Project (website)

Information about Polish and Galician immigrants to England, with numerous related links

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