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How to Save Old Photos to Your Computer

Four ways to digitize photos so you can keep them forever

A woman's hand holding up an old photograph above a photo album


Digitizing old photos is a great way to preserve those memories. Daniel Ingold / Getty Images

Whether you’ve chosen to dabble in photography using a 35mm film camera, or have uncovered an old box filled with pictures from decades ago, you might be wondering how to save photo prints and negatives to your computer. The good news is that there are several options, depending on how much involvement is preferred. You can digitize and archive photos by using:

  • Photo scanners
  • Digital cameras (or smartphone/tablet)

Digital Photo Notes

Names of Digital Photos

Digital camera owners know that a main issue to deal with is renaming photos that have cryptic names like IMG_001.jpg. The traditional way to do this is to right-click an image’s file name, choose Rename from the drop-down menu, and then type in the desired name, being sure to preserve the .jpg extension.

This is laborious and time-consuming, to be sure, but there are some shortcuts that can make the chore easier. If, for instance, you’ve taken pictures on a trip Continue reading