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Part 2—How I Describe My Father’s and Grandfather’s Village, as Gleaned from the Gazetteers

In Part 1, we derived information on the village of Shydlivtsi by consulting four gazetteers. See: http://www.onyschuk.com/wordpresstugg/?p=365. What follows is a description of my father’s village, which gives me a picture of the surroundings in which he lived. The material gleaned from the Gazetteers answered a lot of questions and gave a demographic description of the village. However, the material also gives rise to many questions, which were not covered in the Gazetteers. At the end of this description are some unanswered questios, requiring further research.

“My Grandfather, Stepan Ihnatovich Onyschuk , was born in the village of Szydlowce (today called Shydlivtsi), on December 9, 1869. My Grandmother, Teklia Petrivna Szklar was born in the nearby village of Sydorow (Sydoriv) on February 17, 1874. Continue reading

Part 1—Using Gazetteers to Construct a Village Description

By Jim Onyschuk


 I had never heard the term “Gazetteer” until I started my genealogical pursuits. I read that if you wanted to find the records of your ancestor’s village, you needed to consult a gazetteer. For example, suppose the village you were searching was called Biala. By consulting the “Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia” by Brian Continue reading