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‘Winter on Fire’ tracks the 93 days Ukraine fought for its identity


Streets are scattered with stones and shell casings. Winter fog mixes with the last wisps of tear gas. The wounded and the dead have been carried away, and those who are left hunker at the barricades. Police advance. Snipers take to rooftops. Bodies fall and the Ukrainian revolution, as brutal as it is cinematic, enters a new day in the battered capital of Kiev.

Evgeny Afineevsky’s “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom” is a documentary from the front lines, a visceral portrait of a nation’s battle for its identity. The film tracks the 93 days — between November 2013 and February 2014 — when tens of thousands of protesters rallied in frigid Independence Continue reading

Paul Niland: ​EuroMaidan Revolution, myth and reality (part two of a three-part series)

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Aug. 6, 2015, 11:35 a.m. | Op-ed — by Paul Niland

A crowd of thousands march towards the main residence of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in the outskirts of Kiev, on February 22, 2014. Earlier in the day, Ukraine’s parliament voted to hold early presidential elections on May 25, passing a resolution stating that Viktor Yanukovych had failed to properly fulfil his duties as president. AFP PHOTO/GENYA SAVILOV

Paul Niland

Paul Niland is a longtime Kyiv resident and Founder of Statement Email Ltd.

The violent protests that took place in Kyiv that resulted in a democratically elected president fleeing from his country fearing for his life were a U.S. instigated coup, a regime change costing $5 billion.

Continue reading

Understanding the Ukrainians in WWII Part 3. Of German plans and German collaborators.


Article by: James Oliver

On May 22 Volodymyr Katriuk, a Ukrainian World War II veteran and a suspected participant in the massacre of the 186 inhabitants of the Belarusian village of Khatyn [1] passed away in Canada. For years his name had been at the center of a diplomatic row between Russia and Canada over Russian plans to extradite him to Moscow in order to stand trial for his role in the massacre. In 1999 a Canadian court had cleared Katriuk of war crimes, finding him guilty only of falsifying his name in 1951 to obtain Canadian citizenship. Later in 2008 NKVD documents surfaced further indicting Katriuk of having been complicit in the massacre. At the time of his death he remained no.2 on the Simon Wiesenthal Center‘s “List of Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals.”

It sometimes happens that Westerners know little about Ukrainians and Lithuanians except their reputation as anti-Semites and willing collaborators in the Holocaust Continue reading

Moscow military analyst: Preparing for a war in 2025, Putin wants new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact to divide up Ukraine

PEACE A LA RUSSE: The red and blue arrows form a Russian word "МИР" meaning "peace" in this cartoon from a Russian newspaper. (Image: mk.ru)PEACE A LA RUSSE: The red and blue arrows form a Russian word “МИР” meaning “peace” in this cartoon from a Russian newspaper. (Image: mk.ru) 

Vladimir Putin changed his public assessment of the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pactwhich opened the way to World War II because he wants a new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with the West to divide up Ukraine and give him time to prepare for a new world “resource war” at the end of the 2020s, according to Pavel Felgengauer.

Felgengauer, perhaps Russia’s leading independent military analyst, says that in Moscow today, there is still circulating the view that the West would be prepared to give up Ukraine in exchange for something else and that such a swap could serve Russia’s purposes because Moscow does not want Ukraine or even part of Ukraine to be part of the West. Continue reading

New video promotes Ukraine’s strengths

640,000 graduates

July 10, 2015, 6:08 p.m. | Ukraine — by Yuliana Romanyshyn

A screenshot from the new video from Ukraine’s Economy Ministry.
© Courtesy

Yuliana Romanyshyn

A new two-minute video “Ukraine Reborn” emphasizes the positive side of the nation.

It was released on July 9 by the Economy Ministry on its YouTube channel. It was shot especially for the U.S.-Ukraine Business Forum, organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The forum takes place on July 13 in Washington, D.C.

The video starts with the message “Ukraine Reborn. Driven by the New Generation. Unlimited Opportunities” and draws attention to promising areas Continue reading

Russia Is Using Mobile Crematoriums to Hide Ukraine Dead

Russia is so desperate to hide its military involvement in Ukraine that it has brought in mobile crematoriums to destroy the bodies of its war dead, say U.S. lawmakers who traveled to the war-torn country this spring.

The U.S. and NATO have long maintained that thousands of Russian troops are fighting alongside separatists inside eastern Ukraine, and that the Russian government is obscuring not only the presence but also the deaths of its soldiers there. In March, NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow told a conference, “Russian leaders are less and less able to conceal the fact that Russian soldiers are fighting — and dying — in large numbers in eastern Ukraine.”

Hence the extreme measures to get rid of the evidence. “The Russians are trying Continue reading

A Russian TV Insider Describes a Modern Propaganda Machine

FEB. 13, 2015



“What matters in a dictatorship is control of the security services and control of propaganda,” says Peter Pomerantsev.Credit Andrew Testa for The New York Times


LONDON — NORMALLY a boisterous sort, Peter Pomerantsev says he kept quiet when he found himself, at the age of 24, in a Moscow meeting room listening to 20 of the country’s top media executives discussing the news agenda for the week. Continue reading

Decoding Putin’s State of the Union Speech

by Alexander J. Motyl


Vladimir Putin’s December 4th “state of the union” address to Russia’s Federal Assembly once again explained why he annexed the Crimea. This time, his explanation reached new ideological heights, while again confounding academic realists, who continue to insist that Russia grabbed the Crimea in response to an aggressive West. Here are Putin’s words [1]:

[The annexation of the Crimea] has special significance for our country and our Continue reading



Loosely translated and abridged by George Skoryk from “HISTORY OF UKRAINE”

by Mykhaylo Hrushevs’kyi


Prince Olekh established the Kyivan State proper in 879. He conducted military expeditions to the shores of Caspian Sea and raided Byzantine cities. Prince Ehor followed him, in 912, who not only continued external raids but also had to fight insubordinate tribes of Ulitchs and Derevlans. He died during a battle with Derevlans in 945. His wife Olha revenged his death by brutal suppression of Derevlans. In 964 she became a Christian and established her son Svyatoslav Continue reading

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On Tuesday June 11 Dr. Romana Bahry will speak at our final meeting before the summer break. She will speak on Sources for the Genealogy of Dr. Kindraczuk, Galician Scientist and Pharmacist.” Dr. Bahry will cover the locations of Horodenka, Lviv, Vienna and Lancut, where her research took her.

Time: From 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

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