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Scan and Annotate with the new Evernote for Android


evernoteI consider Evernote to be one of the most essential tools for genealogists as well as for almost everyone else who owns a computer. See my past articles about Evernote. The more I use it, the more valuable Evernote becomes. I now have more than 4,000 notes in Evernote covering a wide variety of genealogy and non-genealogy topics alike. I love having everything at my fingertips on my cell phone, tablet, and desktop computers. I refer to Evernote many times every day. It is the equivalent of having a filing cabinet with me at all times.

One thing disturbs me, however. Evernote produced a wonderful app called Scannable for Apple iOSthat allows the Evernote user to capture paper documents quickly and to easily transform that paper into high-quality scans ready to save or share. Continue reading